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Speak Russian in 5 words (5/5): A Toast.

How to speak Russian in 5 words (5/5)

If you’re pressed for time and you want to make yourself understood in Russia, here is our basic survival course – Russian in 5 words.

5: The Last Word: A Russian Toast

Anyone who has ever been to Russia will know about the Russians’ love of drinking and, particularly, of making toasts. It would seem inevitable, therefore, that Russian in five words should include a toast.

‘But keep it short’ you say!

For a Russian, there is no such thing as a short toast.

With a Russian toast, rather like an English wedding speech, the actual raising of the glasses tends to be preceded by a lot of self-indulgent verbiage. Clearly this is not an option for the Five-Word Wonder.

To you!

The shortest toast I know, therefore, is ZA VAS, meaning, ‘to you!’.

This can be used on its own; or if you feel obliged to match the Russians for eloquence, it is a good polite way to round off a speech translated through an interpreter.

Learning More…

Of course, there is more to speaking Russian than this.